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TRUTHEAR GATE In-ear Monitor
TRUTHEAR GATE In-ear Monitor
GATE, cost-effective dynamic driver in-ear headphone, Adopting N52 magnet double-cavity internal magnetic circuit dynamic driver, with a brand-new carbon LCP high-rigidity diaphragm
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Product Type
In-ear Monitor
Product Configuration

GATE, cost-effective dynamic driver in-ear headphone

Adopting N52 magnet double-cavity internal magnetic circuit dynamic driver, with a brand-new carbon LCP high-rigidity diaphragm

Brand-new cavity ID design, High quality oxygen-free copper cable, Excellent objective indicators

GATE is designed as a cost-effective and comfortable IEM. Its appearance has been redesigned, the weight of the cavity has been reduced, and the diaphragm and acoustic structure of driver has been further optimized. Meanwhile, GATE uses 0.78mm 2pin interchangeable design for convenience and expanded playability.


Optimize the structure and diaphragm rigidity of driver, GATE uses a 10MM internal magnetic circuit dynamic driver with frontal-cavity filter optimization and diaphragm specialization.

Diaphragm: GATE uses a new carbon LCP diaphragm material, making it more rigid than the standard LCP diaphragm, improving high-frequency sensitivity. The ultra-thin PU further enhances the bass texture and ensures safe diaphragm operation.


Structure: The structural strength has been optimized to fully utilize the acoustic characteristics of the new diaphragm while minimizing the deformation of the 10mm speaker during metal stamping. This ensures consistent production and acoustics.


Coil: A large CCAW ultra-thin coil is used to ensure a lightweight and reliable suspension system.

Excellent Objective Indicators

The GATE features a brand-new diaphragm material and optimized acoustic structure, resulting in minimal linear distortion and improved high-frequency extension compared to previous models. It ensures excellent frequency-amplitude response with HRTF characteristics, delivering a balanced, durable, and enjoyable sound with reasonable bass gains.

Furthermore, the GATE exhibits exceptional nonlinear distortion, with measured distortion in most frequency bands being less than 0.2% under non-anechoic room and 104dB SPL. This results in a clean background and allows for personalized adjustments using EQ without any negative effects.

Brand-New ID Design, Snug Fit

The GATE's cavity design has been fine-tuned based on HOLA, further optimizing the appearance with a transparent faceplate. The PC+ABS composite injection cavity not only ensures overall lightweight, but also provides a stable and reliable size and structure. In addition, GATE has brand-new ear-tips for admirable listening and maintains the short-size eartips to minimize the in-ears' uncomfortable effect. All these efforts are aimed at delivering a better audio experience.

High-Quality Oxygen-Free Cable

GATE ships with multi-core high-quality oxygen-free copper cable, 2pin thick-twisted-pair with high-quality cable-skin for a tangle-free experience, and combines with universal 0.78mm 2pin socket (the cavity is female sunken type) for a convenient and reliable usage.


Driver: 10mm Dynamic Driver

Diaphragm Material: Carbon LCP Dome Composite Ultra-thin  PU Diaphragm

Impedance: 28Ω±15%@1kHz

Sensitivity: 122dB/Vrms@1KHz

Total Harmonic Distortion: THD≤1%@1kHz (94dB)

Frequency Response Range: 10-45kHz (IEC61094, Free Field)

Effective Frequency Response Range: 20-20KHz (IEC60318-4, -3dB)

Package List


2. High-quality Oxygen-free Copper Cable

3. Ear-tips * 4pairs (S, M, L, XL) (Thick Diameter)

4. Ear-tips * 3pairs (S, M, L) (Thin Diameter)

5. Manual * 1

6. Warranty card * 1

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