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TRUTHEAR HOLA In-ear Monitor
TRUTHEAR HOLA In-ear Monitor
Adopting the polyurethane suspension composite liquid crystal dome diaphragm and dual-cavity internal magnetic circuit dynamic driver of N52 magnet
$18.99 USD
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Product Type
In-ear Monitor
Product Configuration
Dynamic Driver

HOLA, a Cost-Effective Dynamic Driver In-ear Headphone

Adopting the polyurethane suspension composite liquid crystal dome diaphragm and dual-cavity internal magnetic circuit dynamic driver of N52 magnet

Utilizing the DLP-3D printed cavity commonly used in high-end multi-driver and custom earphone

Come with the newly designed oxygen-free copper cable.

Present the excellent objective index

The design goal of HOLA is an in-ear earphone with high cost performance and won’t be fatiguing for long time. Therefore, it ends to use the painted spraying cavity with weighty metal pressure-casting, while utilizes aluminum alloy CNC anodized faceplate and 3D printing hand-grinding cavity which are barely used in the same price tier.

It doesn’t use the smaller driver at the same price, while choose the larger low distortion driver that can bring deeper bass. It enhances the expandability and playability thanks to the 0.78 2Pin interchangeable cable design, which provides convenience for daily-use and maintenance.

An Exceptional Driver at Such Price Tier

HOLA uses an improved 11MM internal magnetic circuit matured dynamic driver which is barely used at the same price, which can bring punchier bass diving than smaller dynamic driver under the same pressure condition. The mature structure offers an excellent linear distortion and nonlinear distortion index, while ensures the high-energy conversion efficiency, moreover, by improving some components driver size, and at the same time, it can present excellent high-frequency response.

Excellent Objective Index

The linear distortion of HOLA is exceptional, with moderate bass gain and high-frequency amplitude response with kind of HRTF characteristics. HOLA is able to highly conform to IEF_Neutral_Target thanks to the improved components, which sound surprisingly punchy, clean and speedy, and gentle in highs, thus users won’t feel fatigued for a long time listening.

Owing to the mature internal magnetic circuit architecture and the easier processing compared with the small-sized driver, the nonlinear distortion of HOLA is extremely excellent. In the non-anechoic environment, the distortion can be lower than 0.1% for most frequency bands, which makes sure that HOLA has an immaculate background and excellent flexibility, and can process various personalized adjustments with EQ without the negative impact.

The Costly New Generation DLP 3D Printing Technology

HOLA still utilizes DLP 3D printing cavity from HeyGears, which is matched with its solid opaque resin and delicate surface grinding process, which brings excellent texture and lightweight, while offering a high precision efficiency.

Optimized Design, Stable Wearing

HOLA optimizes the cavity design, increases internal support, reduces the length of the nozzle, and adjusts the joint position between the faceplate and cavity. The 3D printing cavity combines with the aluminum alloy CNC anodized faceplate and is fixed by glue, which ensures the lightweight, stable and reliable structure, and install with the brand-new selected earphone ear-tips to minimize the discomfort. All works are for long-time non-fatiguing listening.

Brand-New Cable

HOLA comes with a high-quality oxygen-free copper cable with an increased number of cable cores and optimized cable cover. Combined with the universal 0.78 2Pin jack (the cavity is 0.78 2Pin sunken socket), to achieve the convenience for replacing cable and maintaining earphone.



Driver: 11mm Dynamic Driver

Diaphragm: PU Suspension+LCP Dome Composite Diaphragm

Impedance: 28Ω±15%@1kHz

Sensitivity: 120dB/Vrms @1kHz

THD: THD≤0.1% @1kHz(94dB)

Frequency response: 8-46kHz (IEC61094, Free Field)

Effective Frequency Response: 20-20kHz (IEC60318-4, -3dB)

Package List


2. High-quality Oxygen-free Copper Cable

3. Ear-tips * 4pairs (S, M, L, XL) (Thick Diameter)

4. Ear-tips * 3pairs (S, M, L) (Thin Diameter)

5. Foam Ear-tips * 1pair (M)

6. Manual * 1

7. Warranty card * 1

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