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TRUTHEAR HEXA In-ear Monitor
TRUTHEAR HEXA In-ear Monitor
HEXA, a high-performance In-ear headphone combined with one dynamic driver + three balanced armature drivers hybrid structure
$79.99 USD
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Product Type
In-ear Monitor
Product Configuration
1DD + 3BA

HEXA, a high-performance In-ear headphone combined with one dynamic driver + three balanced armature drivers hybrid structure

Adopting the polyurethane suspension composite liquid crystal dome diaphragm and dual-cavity internal magnetic circuit dynamic driver of N52 magnet

Utilizing the DLP-3D printed cavity commonly used in high-end multi-driver and custom earphone

Come with the copper silver-plated cable with a thicker diameter of the single strand

Present the excellent objective index

Efficient Driver-Configuration

HEXA is an in-ear headphone with one dynamic driver + three balanced armature drivers hybrid structure. The original intention of the design is to achieve the design goal via adopting a simple reasonable and efficient configuration and striving to bring users a mature hybrid earphone at an acceptable price.

A 10mm specialized dynamic driver is responsible for bass, and the mature internal magnetic circuit is equipped with flexible polyurethane suspension material and an LCP liquid crystal dome diaphragm, which is the same concept as Truthear ZERO. A unique weighted voice coil is for reducing its natural Resonance Frequency, and moderately increasing its impedance, thus it can produce the punchiest bass and meet the needs of accurate distribution.

A composite full-frequency balanced armature driver is responsible for the Mids, which can be accurately matched with the frequency band of the specialized dynamic driver, and the high-frequency band can also highly conform to the HRTF characteristics, close to the sound goal.

A custom balanced armature driver, which is similar to the WBFK series, is responsible for the Highs, which not only makes up the bandwidth but also brings HEXA a smooth clear high-frequency performance through fine processing.

Accurate Hybrid Frequency Division

The acoustic waveguide structure with filtering function realized by the high-precision DLP-3D printed technology and the RC frequency division achieved by accurate calculated, which makes the four drivers perform well under different corresponding acoustic waveguides, therefore, the objective index of HEXA closer to the design goal.

Excellent Measurements

HEXA has appropriate bass gain and high-frequency amplitude response covering certain HRTF characteristics. Although the bass gain is less than that of ZERO, through the specialized dynamic driver, HEXA offers a more sufficient bass diving, and the connection between Bass and Mids is more natural. The Highs of HEXA is very characteristic, it can deliver a completely different hearing experience with different ear-tips, it provides a clearer and more natural sound under silicone ear-tips, while under foam ear-tips, some high-frequency resonance peaks will be suppressed, thus the sound is smoother and more delicate. The different performance reacts to frequency response as well.


HEXA, like ZERO, has the same phase in the full frequency band, and there is no common connection issue that occurs in the ordinary multi-driver earphone, so as to realize a natural sound with the phase distortion eliminated.

New Generation DLP 3D Printed Technology

The DLP 3D printed cavity from HeyGears is equipped with its own medical-grade high-transparency resin, internal coloring, and delicate surface grinding process. It can realize complex delicate acoustic waveguide structures while ensuring printing accuracy and efficiency, at the same time, it brings the lightweight cavity to fit well while making sure the skin-friendly and reliable cavity materials.

A Brand New Concise Reliable ID Design

HEXA offers a square but smooth ID design, which can compress the cavity volume as much as possible on the premise of ensuring the wearing reliability, to make sure that it can have a lighter weight while using CNC anodizing sandblasting metal faceplate, and reduce the auricle touch, so as to release the pain caused by long-term wearing.

Moreover, the aluminum alloy faceplate is locked by screw self-tapping and fixed by glue, worry-free about accidental falling.

High-Quality Cable + Rich Expansibility

Four strands of high-quality silver-plated cable, combined with the universal 0.78 2Pin jack (the cavity is a sunken 0.78 2Pin female socket), to achieve excellent sound quality. Meanwhile, there are infinite possibilities thanks to the interchangeable cable design.



Driver: 1DD+3BA Hybrid Drivers

Diaphragm of dynamic driver: PU+ LCP Composite Diaphragm

Impedance: 20.5Ω±15% (@1kHz)

Sensitivity: 120dB/Vrms (@1kHz)

THD: THD≤1% @1kHz (94dB)

Frequency response: 8-40kHz (IEC61094, Free Field)

Effective frequency response: 20-20kHz (IEC60318-4, -3dB)

Package List


2. Four Stands of High-quality Silver-plated Cable

3. Ear-tips * 3pairs (S, M, L) (Thick Diameter)

4. Ear-tips * 3pairs (S, M, L) (Thin Diameter)

5. Foam Ear-tips * 1pair (M)

6. Manual * 1

7. Warranty card * 1

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